Monday, September 28, 2009

Online LOAD

Same line online REORG, when you use SHRLEVEL CHANGE in the LOAD it is called 'Online LOAD'.
Online LOAD allows user transactions to run while data is being loaded. Online load resume acts much like SQL INSERT statements, and includes logging, page or row locking, index building, duplicate key, triggers, and referential constraint checking.

Specifies that applications can concurrently read and write the table space or partition it is loading.
If you specify SHRLEVEL CHANGE, you can not specify the following parameters: INCURSOR, RESUME NO, REPLACE, KEEPDICTIONARY, LOG NO, ENFORCE NO, and SORTKEYS, STATISTICS, COPYDDN, RECOVERYDDN, MAPDDN, PREFORMAT, REUSE, and PART integer REPLACE. For a partition-directed LOAD, if you specify SHRLEVEL CHANGE, then only RESUME YES can be specified or inherited from the LOAD statement.
LOAD SHRLEVEL CHANGE does not perform the SORT, BUILD, SORTBLD, INDEXVAL, ENFORCE, or REPORT phases, and the compatibility/concurrency considerations are different.

Online LOAD is not compatible with Online REORG SHRLEVEL REFERENCE.

The regular LOAD uses SHRLEVEL NONE: Specifies that applications have no concurrent access to the table space or partition and the default is NONE.